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BowlMetrix is helping directors everywhere run their tournaments exceptionally and with less effort, creating improved experiences for their bowlers. Priced at only $50 per tournament with unlimited users and no software to install, it's easy to get started with BowlMetrix.

Key Features

Bowling specific

BowlMetrix is designed around bowling concepts. Blocks, squads, shifts, lane assignments, cutlines, handicap scoring are just some examples of the many ways BowlMetrix is built for bowling.

Unlimited scale

With BowlMetrix, tournament directors are never limited by scale. Be it the number of games per block, competitors, or staff, etc., directors can be assured BowlMetrix can handle their tournament. And BowlMetrix is built on Amazon Web Services, giving tournament directors confidence BowlMetrix will be available when they need it.

Reduce event times

BowlMetrix has features baked in to help your tournament run in record time. Dynamic lane assignments eliminates that time consuming task. Score entry can be performed by all tournament staff simultaneously, removing the bottle-neck of a single scorekeeper. And, BowlMetrix is smartphone friendly so no more running back and forth to the tournament office.

Faster wrap-up

Because BowlMetrix is web based all results are immediately available online. Every organization gets their own little corner of BowlMetrix where their results remain perpetually. No more creating PDFs and uploading them after the fact. And, BowlMetrix has reports that can submitted to bowling's governing bodies.

Junior Gold is in our DNA

BowlMetrix got it's start by supporting Junior Gold qualifiers. Inherent support for calculating your number of qualifying spots and identifying your qualifiers has been there since day one. This includes deep support for things like customizing your advancement ratios. And, BowlMetrix can skip over those athletes that it knows have already qualified at another tournament.

Tested and Proven

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Games Scored
Junior Gold Qualifiers


The roots of BowlMetrix trace back to the Georgia Youth Bowler's Tour (GYBT), a series of Junior Gold qualifying youth bowling tournaments. Several parents were working to improve the experience for the athletes and parents. Ted Fossum took on the challenge of creating a software solution that would expedite the lane assignments and manual scoring for the tournament, as well as create a comprehensive database of all GYBT results. The resulting software proved to trim +1.5 hours off of the 5 game, same day registration tournaments.

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