About BowlMetrix


BowlMetrix is a web based bowling tournament management system (scoring, lane assignments, etc.), that is focused on giving athletes the best experience possible by providing them real-time tournament standings that are viewable on any device, while reducing the tournament director overhead of running a bowling tournament.


The roots of BowlMetrix trace back to the Georgia Youth Bowler's Tour (GYBT), a series of Junior Gold qualifying youth bowling tournaments. Several parents were working to improve the experience for the athletes and parents. Ted Fossum took on the challenge of creating a software solution that would expedite the lane assignments and manual scoring for the tournament, as well as create a comprehensive database of all GYBT results. The resulting software proved to trim +1.5 hours off of the 5 game, same day registration tournaments.

The feedback was consistent and frequent. Parents and athletes alike credited GYBT events as being the most efficiently run events they attended. Armed with that feedback and encouragement, Fossum took the initiative to turn the proof of concept application into a cloud based production web application, capable of supporting additional tournament organizers - BowlMetrix.


BowlMetrix would like to give special thanks to Nayef Smith for his help during the early development of the proof of concept.